Lorenzen Ranches Hosts Annual Cattlemen's Seminar

Lorenzen Ranches will host a cattlemen's seminar at 7 p.m. Feb 24 at the Red Lion Hotel in Pendleton. A social hour and buffet will be held before the seminar from 6 to 7 p.m.

"Progressive Genetics: Paving the Way to Increased Profit" will be the focus of the presentations at the annual seminar. Speakers will include Jim Odle, co-founder and general manager of Superior Livestock; Greg Comstock, executive director of the Red Angus Association of America; and Ron Rowan of Beef Northwest Feeders.
Red Angus Cattle

Lorenzen Ranches wins Red Angus GridMaster award

Pendleton, OR--Lorenzen Ranches, Inc. of Pendleton earned the prestigious GridMaster award at the national Red Angus convention in Mahnomen, Minn. in Sept.   The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) presents the GridMaster Award to producers and feeders owning cattle that meet and exceed strict carcass quality specifications.

Lorenzen Ranches graded 95 percent Choice on their cattle that they fed themselves. The cattle had a minimal number of Yield Grade 4s and 5s at only 2.4 percent, but achieved 61 percent Yield Grade 1s and 2s. Lorenzens harvested their cattle at the Tyson plant in Pasco on the Tyson grid. The cattle were fed at Beef Northwest Feeders in Boardman. The Grid score was: 115.15.

Red Angus Cattle

Larry Lorenzen Named 2008 Red Angus Breeder of the Year

Larry Lorenzen of Lorenzen Ranches, Inc. received the 2008 Red Angus Breeder of the Year award at the 2008 national Red Angus convention in Cheyenne, Wyo.

Over the last decade, Lorenzen Ranches has increased their sale offering from 100 bulls to over 300 bulls a year that they market through their annual February bull sale and private treaty offerings.   They are one of the largest suppliers of Red Angus genetics.

Red Angus Cattle




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