Lorenzen Ranches wins Red Angus GridMaster award

 Pendleton, OR--Lorenzen Ranches, Inc. of Pendleton earned the prestigious GridMaster award at the national Red Angus convention in Mahnomen, Minn. in Sept.   The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) presents the GridMaster Award to producers and feeders owning cattle that meet and exceed strict carcass quality specifications.

Lorenzen Ranches graded 95 percent Choice on their cattle that they fed themselves. The cattle had a minimal number of Yield Grade 4s and 5s at only 2.4 percent, but achieved 61 percent Yield Grade 1s and 2s. Lorenzens harvested their cattle at the Tyson plant in Pasco on the Tyson grid. The cattle were fed at Beef Northwest Feeders in Boardman. The Grid score was: 115.15.

In order to achieve GridMaster status, Red Angus or Red Angus-influenced cattle enrolled in the Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) must achieve a specified level of carcass excellence. Both conventional- and natural-fed cattle are eligible for GridMaster consideration.

"We used all four major packers this year," said Myron Edelman, director of value-added programs, regarding the diversity of environments and harvest facilities associated with the program. "We're excited for the growth of the program and the number of cattle reaching GridMaster status." This year, GridMaster winners fed over 1,000 head that met the program's criteria.

Lorenzen Ranches is the oldest and largest Red Angus producer in the Northwest. They marked their 50th year in the Red Angus breed in 2009.